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A Christmas Snow

English Originals - Filme in Originalfassung

26.05.2017  |  110:35 Min.  |  Verfügbar bis 28. Februar 2018, 01:00 Uhr

Left by her father on Christmas-day, Kathleen decides to never celebrate this day again. Hit by a snow storm, she gets locked-in in her own house with her new boyfriend's daughter and a stranger, who confront her with her past. Three sad destinies, three broken hearts and a lot of loneliness. It is time for a Christmas miracle. But is it possible to unite those strangers and to heal their broken hearts?

Genre English Originals,
Besetzung Catherine Mary Stewart, Muse Watson, Cameron Ten Napel, Anthony Tyler Quinn, Craig Walter
Regie George Erschbamer
Sprache englisch
Produktionsjahr 2011
Produktionsland USA