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26.05.2017  |  111:37 Min.  |  Verfügbar bis 31. Dezember 2017, 01:00 Uhr

To become a famous skater - that is Caleb´s big dream. But suddenly his mother gets very ill and Caleb is on his own. Is this the right moment to search for his father and ask him why he left the family? And how should Caleb pay the rent? His live becomes very chaotic...

Bibelstellen: 2 Kor 5,17
Genre English Originals,
Besetzung Randy Wayne, John Schneider, Rosanna Arquette, Brian Sumner, Jason Dundas, Sean Michael Afable, Christopher Michael
Regie Johnny Remo
Sprache englisch
Produktionsjahr 2012
Produktionsland USA